​Being piano rebuilders, we often are asked to sell pianos for our clients - some of whom we have known for decades - hence, we DO know the piano we sell.  These are NOT purchased off Craigslist, auctions or other on-line sources.  We have inspected the instrument, tuned it and know it's condition.  These are used pianos and are ready to go - tuned to A-440.  


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We are a Fourth Generation Piano Family

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That's a lot of experience, now serving 3 generation families.  Nice!

Brambach Baby Grand with bench

Great condition  $895.  Call now

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Brambach (4'10") with music compartment bench $950.


Brambach Baby Grand with bench
Great condition  $895.  Call now

Baldwin M, Baby Grand, 5'2" satin black lacquer with duet bench .(with music compartment.  This is an American made Baldwin, with ivory keys.  Excellent condition.  Yes, the finish has some wear (it is from 1953 - I'm from not that much before and believe me, I have some wear!  Asking $5,900.  Take a look, see what you are missing!

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We clean and fix things (disfigured keytops for example).  Sometimes it is better to replace them.  NOW they are new!!

Call us: 856-629-7577       or  write:             MarquezPianos@yahoo.com