Piano Tuning and Repairs

Like all good investments, your piano requires routine maintenance in order to make beautiful music for a lifetime.  For more than 70 years, Marquez Pianos has provided the services you need.  Regular  piano tuning keeps the instrument at pitch and in tune longer than a hit or miss  tuning schedule.  

It is always better to maintain than to repair.  Keeping the piano at pitch ensures learning and enjoying the way the piano should sound.    Keeping tension at A=440 means minimal adjustment/stretch for the wires.

How often should the piano be tuned?  It depends  -  on the state of the piano and the demand of the player.  A  professional often has the piano tuned many times through the year.  A piano rarely used may be tuned once or less - just to keep the pitch at 440.  We recommend twice a year and at the same time each year.  The piano will change with the seasons - sharp and flat with the hot and cold, humid and dry.  Tuning at the same time will 'catch' the piano at the same point in the cycle every year.  

If the piano is not in good condition, i.e., loose tuning pins, etc., tuning more often will return it to the proper pitch BUT will not ensure it staying in tune.  The piano should be repaired. 

Aside from issues the player sees when using the piano, the tuner can 'catch' issues often before they become problems.  When we see something, we bring it to your attention.  Often the client begs off saying they don't know anything about pianos.  When we are done with you, you WILL know what we're talking about and usually WILL see the issue.  Also, we never do ANY repairs without explaining the problem, the repair and the cost AND we will have your approval first.  Tuning is adjusting the tension on the strings.  Repairs are separate issues.  

"Again, a superb job.  Appreciate your efforts so much.  I feel like playing again.  Most appreciatively, E."

The slideshow below shows just a smattering of the

repairs we do in shop