"...just a quick note to tell you how thrilled I am with my pianos!  It plays beautifully!  It was such a pleasure doing business with you.  I felt like I had known you for years."  S.T  Harrisonville

Don't put if off,   call now.


​"Thanks again for being able to come and tune my friend's piano.  An excellent job, and the entire experience was a pleasure!  Hope to see you sometime soon.  Signed 'Another satisfied customer'  

​​​​​It all starts with the ear.  We strive to get the best from your instrument - whether it is a $120,000 grand or a Craigslist special.  You want it sound good.  Let's start with the tuning.  

Like all good  investments, your piano requires routine and periodic maintenance in order to perform properly and retain its value. For more than 70 years Marquez Pianos has provided the services you need.  YES, we tune pianos in your home - also your school, church, and if you are in South Jersey, probably your College!

When we tune, we advise you of any issues we see.  You are the boss.  We will not make any repairs without you knowing what the repair is, why it is needed and what it will cost, BEFORE anything is done.  There are many times a repair can be delayed if it does not hinder performance.  If it is likely to get worse  we will advise you of that as well.  BUT, you are the boss, and we don't do anything without your knowledge AND consent.  Sometimes repairs MUST be made to get the best from the instrument, BUT, if now is not the time, that's OK.  We work with you.  We STILL give you the best your piano can provide. 

We tune to the standard  pitch where A = 440 cycles per second.  Often a church or orchestra will request the piano to be tuned differently - just let us know.  It is not a problem.  Sometimes, due to the age of the instrument, the owner wants the piano tuned 'low' .  It usually really is not necessary, but we can and do accommodate.  Our goal is to make the piano sound good - to our ear, to your ear!